e-book Algebraic K-Theory, Number Theory, Geometry and Analysis: Proceedings of July 26-30, 1982

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Topology by Munkres, James R. Topology and Geometry by Bredon, Glen E. Knots and Surfaces by Gilbert, N. Topology Now! Basic Topology by Armstrong, M. General Topology by Dixmier, J. Elements of Homotopy Theory by Whitehead, G.

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Atanassov, A modified Hausdorff distance between intuitionisti fuzzy sets. Rangasamy, P. Vassilev, K.

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Ribagin, S. Chakarov, K. Atanassov, Generalized net model of the upper limb in relaxed position. Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets. Bureva, V. Atanassov, New operations over intuitionistic fuzzy index matrices. Novachev, D. Atanassov, Generalized net model of the process of evaluation of the environmental impact of refinery activity using intuitionistic fuzzy estimations. Stojanov, K. Kovachev, Generalized net model for telecommunication processes in telecare services, Proc. Alzebdi, M. Pencheva, Intuitionistic fuzzy estimations of purposeful model parameters genesis.

Vassilev, S. Fidanova, On the gome method for the forest fire sprend modeling with considering the wind effect. Stefanova-Pavlova, T. Stojanov, M. Atanassov, Generalized net model of telehealth services, Proc. Atanassov, Generaized net model of the upper limb vascular system.

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Rogova, K. Shannon, The digital root function for Fibonacci-type sequences. Part 5. On some open and solved problems in the theory and applications of intuitionistic fuzzy sets. Definitions and properties of some intuitionistic fuzzy subtractions. Sotirova, J. On a new approach towards defining intuitionistic fuzzy subtractions. Acta Universitatis Matthiae Belii, Number 19, , Part 4. Sotirov, G. Gluhchev, K. Atanassov, A generalized net model of intuitionistic fuzzy image preprocessing.

Kacprzyk, On intuitionistic fuzzy multi-dimensional sets. Shannon, P. Atanassov, On intuitionistic fuzzy tree-interpretations by index matrices. Atanassova, P.

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Chountas, A. Shannon, Generalized nets with places having intuitionistic fuzzy capacities. I: Foundations. Part 3: Modal and extended modal transformations of the game field. Atanassov, Generalized net model of cytokinin-auxin signalling interactions.

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II: Applications. Shannon, Generalized net model of of selection function choice in genetic algorithms. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. Marinov, Start strategies of ACO applied on subset problems. Marinov, K.

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Atanassov, Sensitivity analysis of ACO start strategies for subset problems. Kacprzyk, F. Petry and A. Yazici, Eds. Dobrinkova, N. Fidanova, K. Game-method model for field fires. Atanassov, Generalized nets as tools for modelling of the ant colony optimization algorithms. On index matrices, Part 1: Standard cases. Dimitrov, V. Atanassova, Algorithms for tokens transfer in the different types of intuitionistic fuzzy generalized nets, Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Vol. Atanassov, Generalized net models of the process of ant colony optimization with different startegies and intuitionistic fuzzy estimations.

Hadjiski, Generalized nets and intelligent systems, Int. Journal of General Systems, Vol. Krawczak, Generalized net model for parallel optimization of feed-forward neural network with variable learning rate backpropagation algorithm with time limit.