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So the kind of Hawaiian that children are learning is a Hawaiian of a different generation. The first audio collections now available on the website come from Ka Leo Hawaii, a Hawaiian-language radio program that aired from and was hosted by Larry Kimura, an associate professor of Hawaiian language and culture at UH-Hilo. The American dream, the English language was the way to go. Your email address will not be published. Hawaii News. Share this story.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. But Tutu was not about to be sidelined. When Ekela wanted to take Spanish again in her sophomore year, Grandma said no: Ekela would take Hawaiian.

Loa ka papa. They have a class.

Woodrum to teach Hawaiian. Woodrum pulled Ekela aside. She showed her student a globe. I know all the customs, I know the language, I know what my grandma would say. But if you look in your school, no one else does. Everything is in your language. By the s the number of Hawaiian speakers had dwindled to fewer than two thousand, most of them aging. She told of having masking tape put over her mouth until she would use English.

That day her stories fueled me, and I knew we would create one. Now we have schools taught in Hawaiian, we have people wanting to speak the language. Keaoopuokalani NeSmith was born and raised not far from the church at Kaumakani. As he grew, his tutu Annie Kealoha Kauhane — who was raised in a traditional grass hale house in Puna — passed to Keao her olelo makuahine. For Keao, translating difficult texts into Hawaiian is an enjoyable challenge.

Some passages were like intricate language puzzles that I had to re-create in Hawaiian. The books themselves are beautifully produced and include the original drawings by John Tenniel— with a few minor adjustments. With such a limited readership, why would anyone undertake translating Carroll or Tolkien into an endangered language? The effort to revive olelo Hawaii is having ripple effects even beyond the Islands. Though her father was part Hawaiian, there had been little talk in the family of her Polynesian roots.

When she started choosing colleges for a career in interior design, Annemarie focused on nearby and affordable California schools. Then, with the flip of a page, everything changed. Something clicked.

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In Annemarie arrived in Hilo as a student at the University of Hawaii. While she struggled at first, she found a calling in the study of oli traditional chant.

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With each passing day the voices of the past connected her to a lost part of herself — so much so, she says, that she wept as she boarded a plane to California for fall break. Students at Kula Kaiapuni O Anuenue are immersed not only in the language but also the culture of Hawaii; here students inspect the schools loi, or taro patch. Annemarie completed her BA in Hawaiian studies and, being a lover of books and libraries, went on for an MA in library and information sciences.

That field is one in which those with Hawaiian language fluency are reshaping our under-standing of the Islands. Annemarie currently serves as an archive technician for the National Park Service and archivist for the Hula Preservation Society. The NPS also serves as a repository of information for park planners, geographers and archeologists; over the years it has amassed but not processed a huge collection of information about Hawaii.

That can make an imprint on how these places will be viewed by future generations. It gives the places a deeper resonance. We are beginning to see entire families committing to the revitalization of Hawaiian.

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Kaniau finished her PhD at the University of Southern California and is now a tenure-track Hawaiian studies instructor. Your answer as to why the aforementioned cannot be funded is because of these Adult Children. They are everywhere on these islands, and continue to be unacceptable for wasting taxpayer dollars.

PS — Kauai has a court interpreter.

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